Dental Bridges in Fulshear

What are Dental Bridges?

If you have a missing tooth or teeth, a dental bridge can help restore your teeth's function and appearance. A dental bridge will fill the space and support the artificial tooth. It acts as a bridge between the tooth gap. Although bridges can be made from various materials, they are typically made of porcelain.

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A dental bridge can last for decades if well-treated.

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What to Expect During the Dental Bridge Placement Procedure

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Comprehensive Assessment

An oral evaluation is an essential part of your initial consultation with your dentist in Fulshear. The oral exams may involve a digital dental scan to determine if a dental bridge suits you.

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Cleaning and Preparation

Your dentist will shave the two teeth on either side of the missing teeth's gap. He will also clean out minor decay and perform build-up on either tooth where necessary.

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The dentist will then design a mold of the gap. The mold will be sent to the laboratory, where the bridge is fabricated. While your permanent bridge is being made, you can wear a temporary one.

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Dental Bridge Installation

Once your permanent bridge is ready, you will visit the dental office for a fitting to ensure the bridge feels and looks right. The dentist will then sand off the excess cement and place the permanent bridge. They will ensure your bridge matches your bite pattern and does not impede other teeth.

Benefits of Dental Bridges

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Removal of the temporary crown and cleaning its remnants on your tooth

Most people experience pain or discomfort while eating their favorite foods. The pain can be experienced as the adjacent teeth shift toward the gap. With a dental bridge, you shouldn't experience pain while eating your favorite meals.

Once you lose your teeth, your bone starts to wear. Severe damage can lead to further teeth loss, ultimately affecting your face's natural shape. With a dental bridge, you will easily restore and maintain your face's natural look.

Your teeth are held by roots beneath the gum's surface. After a massive tooth loss, you may notice the remaining teeth tilting toward the tooth gap.

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A custom bridge can replace one or several teeth.

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What are the different types of bridges available?

There are three types of bridges: resin-bonded, traditional fixed, and cantilever.

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Is the dental bridge procedure complex?

Although you may need to schedule two visits, placing a dental bridge is not difficult.

Are bridges appropriate for everyone?

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Dental bridges can be ideal for anyone with at least one missing tooth.

How long do bridges last?

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You can expect your bridge to last up to 15 years.

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A bridge can preserve the alignment of your teeth.

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